About Us

We are a family run juice and food delivery company operating out of Baltimore, MD. We make organic juices, herbal teas and raw vegan snacks made with love. We are proof that healthy can taste good! & Take pride in getting people who don't enjoy beets or parsley to consume them through organic juice!

Our juice ingredients are organic first and locally sourced when possible from Maryland Farmers such as Oak Spring Farm and Communitas Farm. 

We use a commercial slow masticating juicer (also marketed as a cold pressed juicer) which helps extract the most nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables in the juice. We juice in small batches to guarantee quality and freshness. Our juicer holds 2.5 pounds of produce, compared to 80 pounds that a standard industrial juicer holds. Because of this, we put more time, more labor, and a little more of ourselves into each juice. You can taste the love.

Our juices are unpasteurized and contain:


  • No added sugars
  • No preservatives
  • No food coloring