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Half Gallons

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Save up to 25% when buying half gallons

Heart Beet

Beet / Carrot / Apple / Lemon / Ginger

Watermelon Ginger

Watermelon / Green Apple / Red Apple / Lime / Ginger


Apple / Lemon / Lime / Ginger

Iron Rich Mineral Tea

Indian Sarsaparilla / Hibiscus Flower / Nettle / Cinnamon / Ginger / Vanilla / Agave / Spring Water 

Delivery minimum is $80. All Half gallon orders under $80 must be purchased for PICK-UP

To schedule a pick-up at your local farmers market, contact the Morelife Team at 443-267-2007 immediately after placing your order. 


Pickup and Delivery


A text/email will be sent when your package is ready. Call 443-267-2007 when you arrive.

Saturday Farmer's Market Pickup:

32nd Street Farmers Market (7:00am-12:00pm)

Fell's Point Farmer's Market (9:00am-12:30pm)

Text 443-267-2007 to arrange a Saturday Farmer's Market Pickup



We deliver within 30 miles of our kitchen. If your address exceeds 30 miles, you will not be able to checkout for a delivery. Pickup is still an option. You do not have to be home to receive your package. However, make sure you are able to retrieve your package within 3 hours of the delivery. Refrigerate juices immediately. A text notification will be sent when your delivery is on the way.

Why Subscribe & Save 10%

4 Week Juice Subscription

Subscribe & Save 10% ($63.00/week)

One Time Delivery Fee for 4 deliveries

One Time Tax Charge for 4 packages 

10% Discount for each package

Flexible Deliveries choose weekly or biweekly deliveries. 

This is a 4-Week Subscription. Subscription does not automatically renew. To renew your subscription, purchase a new one at the end of your current subscription

How to Juice Cleanse

To prepare for a full day solid food vacation, increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables 1-2 days prior to your cleanse. Additionally, eliminate processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, fried foods, canola oil, soda, alcohol, junk food, white and brown sugar, table salt (Pink Himalayan salt it ok), white flour, soy products, dairy products, and bread containing yeast. Make most of your meals at home and stick to whole food ingredients (fruits, vegetables, and herbs). 

During Your Cleanse

Energy - Fruit Juices + Mineral Tea

Recovery - Green Juices

Detox - Ginger Shot + Black Gold 

Sample Cleanse Schedule:

8:00am - 1/3 Ginger Shot + 16oz Water 

9:00am - Mineral Tea

11:00am - Turmeric Sunrise 

1:00 PM - Snap

3:00 PM - Alkaline Green

5:00 PM - Sweet Ginger

7:00 PM - Mineral Tea (drink hot or cold)

For more information on how to do a juice cleanse, check out our blog"How To Juice Cleanse" on our homepage. 

Preserving Your Juices

All juices are best consumed within 3 - 7 days for nutritional benefits and flavor. Drink or freeze your juices by the date listed on the bottle.(Morelife Bottles are GLASS - If you choose to freeze your juices, drink at least 3oz of your juice before freezing so that the juice has room to expand in the freezer. If the juice doesn't have room to expand, the glass bottle will break. Take your juice out of the freezer the night before you plan to drink your juice.)